Thursday, April 28, 2005

A Woman's prerogative....

there are quite a few prerogatives that we women can lay claim I am laying claim to "It's a woman's prerogative to change her mind"

...the length of time it is taking possible "new job" to send me my draft contract has given me pause for I really want to go, do I really want this head is saying "yes, it makes sense" and the rest of me is saying "no, don't care about making sense"...the longer they leave it...the less likely I am going to be signing on the dotted line!

Whilst writing the above, I clicked over to Why is the Platypus? and have been reading about "Man Dates"....What the hell??!!! Any man who tells me he is going on a date...better be either going on a date with a woman or with another man because they are both gay...

I agree with The should be men and women, women. I too, was brought up in a household whereby the only thing limiting your achievement was your father insisted that I should have the best education and chances that he could possibly give me... and he has been the best supporter of my career and my choices...

I have chosen a career path which is very male-orientated after a certain level...that was my choice and it has been challenging...but fun. However, I have appreciated the male colleagues that let me do my job to the best of my ability and still respect the fact that I am a my last job all the men (bar one - so noticeable compared to the others!)...were gentlemen of the highest order...and I have to say deep down I appreciated that trait that they all shared more than anything else. Our General Manager used to argue, shout and generally give me a hard time (as bosses do!)...but he carried things for me that he could see were too heavy, held doors open for me etc.

I realise I have waffled a bit, but in summary...I agree with The Platypus that the cross-over between sexes has to come to a stop somewhere and I think that "Man Dates" are the limit. I also agree that traits I look for in a man include "Strong, Supportive, Provider, Loyal, Honest, Able, Knowledgeable, Athletic"...However, I disagree about "nice"!


Blogger Indiana said...

I know you don't agree with me about "nice"...this is the second time you've said so. ~grin~

2:24 pm  
Blogger Madame Chiang said...

'smirking'...just like to make a point!...It's a woman's prerogative!

3:03 pm  
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