Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Now I'm scared....

The Daleks are returning to Doctor I followed the episodes of the new series I thought that my childhood terror had been forever laid to rest...I was wrong!

I remember as a child settling down with my father (I think it was on Thursday evenings!) to watch Doctor mother would make cheese straws specially for the weekly event...The Daleks used to put the fear of God into me...probably why now I can not watch anything more scary than Bambi...

Seriously...there are many, many films that I have not and can not watch due to the fact that they have something vaguely frightening, bloody or an element of suspense to them. I am what could be known as a "movie coward"...actually not just movie's TV programmes as well!

I used to think I could watch "true" stories that contained violence and then on one fateful night in Jordan I rounded up my friends to go and see "Black Hawk Down"....they raised eyebrows and questioned whether this was suitable viewing material for such a well known wimp..."Of course, I'll be's a true story" was my response.

How could I have been so wrong....I spent the majority of the movie staring at my knees and those of the people sitting on either side of me...after the movie we went for dinner and I was shaking so much I could hardly hold my cutlery and three nights later I finally got to sleep.


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