Monday, April 25, 2005

And in Gaza last week.....

A murder
that seems to portray all that is bad about Hamas, stories like this do nothing to further the Palestinian cause anywhere in the world.

"According to Abu Khussa, official inquiries “have revealed that Hamas has established a special morality unit and the two suspects who have been arrested were part of this unit.”

Hamas has long enjoyed high levels of support in the deeply conservative Gaza Strip where extramarital liaisons are simply not tolerated.

However, Yusra and Ziad, were already officially husband and wife as they had a marriage contract which was to have been made public in a ceremony planned for April 15.

According to Palestinian security sources, suspected members of Hamas' religious police recently set fire to three Internet cafes which they also consider a source of vice in an echo of Afghanistan's ultra-conservative Taleban militia."

(from the Jordan Times)

How tragic.....


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