Thursday, April 28, 2005

iPods are bad....!!!!

So...I pop into Wellcome on my way home...standing in the fruit and veg aisle (if you can call it that!) and suddenly realise everyone is staring at me......not surprising given that I am dancing in the middle of the aisle with a bloody great grin on my face.....(Note to self...dancing in public....only in a dark area, loud music, other people are dancing and with a fairly decent amount of alcohol inside!!).

A little last job involved a fairly turbulent two years due to the nature of the job and the surrounding environment...I was fortunate to be part of a very strong team and to make some very good of them a guy of whom I am very fond...and he liked the video of the song in question...for the girl!!! At the time the video was being played all the time and everytime my friend saw it he smiled this bloody great smile...and what made him smile...made me this song is on my iPod just for the memory of his smile!!!

The song in question... The Ketchup Song(Quicktime),