Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Imitation being the highest form of flattery.....

Due to lack of any brain power at the moment, I have swiped two things from another blog that made me laugh out loud today....

Both are from MLQ3....

the first...Over heard in New York...with crackers such as this....

Girl: Excuse me, do you have any biographies of TuPac?
Library guy: Probably, though they'd be with the other biographies on the second floor.
Dude: But isn't this the fiction section?
Library guy: It is. You might be able to find some books about him in non-fiction.
Girl: "Non-fiction"?
Library guy: Non-fiction means true.
Dude: ...And fiction means false.
Library guy: Sort of.
Girl: So if it's in non-fiction then that means he must still be alive.
Library guy: I don't think you understand.

--Brooklyn Public Library, Grand Army Plaza

Overheard by: Matthew Sahd Mohammed

and this cartoon taken from captainaqua


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