Thursday, March 23, 2006

The ears and nostrils have it….

Everyone knows how certain things trigger memories or trigger a mood. For me it is music and aromas.

A waft of Calvin Klein’s Eternity for men takes me back to the first real love of my life, YSL’s Kuoros reminds me of a rather dodgy Norwegian I used to skulk around with in Switzerland, a quick sniff of Estee Lauder's Pleasures for Men takes me back to a fling I had with a Frenchman in Jordan and Giorgio Beverly Hills reminds me of my mother. The smell of aircraft fuel always excites me….even if I am not traveling, it can take me a few hours to come down from the high of smelling an airport even if I have just had to go and collect someone! The smell of Kiwi shoe polish reminds me of a very good friend of mine who has rather a shoe shining fetish!

On the flip side the musty smell of damp takes me back to a job I had at Heathrow airport, the smell of burnt toast takes me back to a weeks work experience I was forced to take in a hotel pantry when I was 16.

On Tuesday when I left work I was feeling quite down, basically as the result of a crappy day….as I walked through the Shang Mall, all the shops were closing up, but one shop had their music on really, really loudly as they were packing up – the song…Culture Club’s - Karma Chameleon…stupid song but every time I hear it it makes me laugh and improves my mood no end. So my mood lifted dramatically.

Then I got in a taxi, just as we turned into Wack Wack Road, the radio station started to play Neil Diamond’s I am…I said, I love Neil Diamond but that song always makes me very morose and introspective, so yet again my mood swung…

Anyway, when I finally got home on Tuesday I decided to wire up my speakers so I can use my Airport Express to play my music wirelessly from my computer…so I could play so more lively and cheering music.

Finally today, I came home to watch my DVD of Closer, When I took it off the shelf it was still in its plastic wrapping, I couldn’t understand why I hadn’t watched it before when I had really enjoyed it at the cinema…anyway about half an hour in, I remembered why I didn’t watch it before…Bebel Gilberto’s – Samba de Bencao reminds me of the one person who has broken my heart! So back it goes on the shelf!


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