Sunday, March 19, 2006

Tech dreams

I am not a very tech savy person, I just know what I want and what I would like it to do (guess that phrase could be used for other things as well!!). But at present there seems to be a shortfall between what I want/need/would like and what is available…a short list…

A 40G iPod that doesn’t break…I have had three different iPods in the year since I first bought one, the first iPod I used as I thought it could be used (as in advertised!) …i.e. mobile - so I could listen to my rather odd selection of music going to and from work etc, it didn’t like that and died a very nasty and protracted death. Eventually I took it back to the nice Apple people in Hong Kong and they replaced it for me. My second iPod was stationary, it did not leave the house but sat in its cradle, when I moved to Manila I carried it hand baggage wrapped up in yards of bubble wrap to protect it, it lasted for a short while but soon had to go to the nice Apple people in Manila, who replaced it. My third (and as it turns out, final) iPod stayed in it’s speaker cradle without moving – at all, and then one sunny Wednesday afternoon it died…so I decided to go back to the nice Apple people who took it back to fix it. A week later they called me and said that as the one year warranty had expired they couldn’t replace it and it was not possible to fix it. And just to add insult to injury they told me "You should have bought the extended warranty"....maybe Apple shouldn't sell something that breaks so often for no reason and that is 'unfixable'...anyway, moving swiftly on....

So I have sitting at home a rather expensive (well for me anyway!) piece of very useless kit. And there was I thinking that the iPod was the answer to all my music troubles. My other Apple goodies (iPod shuffle and iBook) are wonderful (almost), with never a moment’s trouble (touch wood)..and my iBook has definitely been through some stressful traveling. So, in summary, I want something that is small (i.e. pocket size) and will hold all of my music (40G was just enough) and will not sodding break and leave me with nothing….is it too much to ask?

As I mentioned earlier I have a little iBook, which I love dearly and am so grateful I have compared to past experiences with notebooks (IBM, Dell, Gateway etc etc). My only quibble – is the battery life…..I know this sounds ridiculous, but I really want a battery that lasts longer than 4 hours…..I want something that lasts for days…..

Electronic book (or whatever they are called)
I read a lot. This means that when I go on holiday or even on a day trip I have to carry enough reading material to keep me busy for the trip – two examples – my recent trip to Koh Samui – I left with 10 books, that was insufficient so I returned with 18 books; that’s just reading books not other travel books and the like that I picked up in HKG, second example – my last day off when I visited the Chinese cemetery, I know it takes a while to get there, plus traffic so I have to be prepared with enough reading material for about 45 minutes, same for a possible return trip, plus reading material for any time I might sit down and have a cup of tea/lunch/glass of wine… I need two books (at least, depending on size) – plus camera, Manila guidebook, Manila map book – you get the general idea.

So – what I want is some electronic device on which I can store all my reading material, for which all latest releases, classics and obscure books are available for download, which is no bigger than your average paperback, which has battery life to last me at least 10 days of reading (the Trans-Siberian is looming!) and which is easy to read. I have seen that Sony is about to release some new thing that may answer some of the above points, but by no means all. Just think how much of my baggage allowance I would save.

Now, I can't be the only person that whinges about this....when I travel, I take with me...iBook, digital camera, mobile phone and my iPod shuffle - all different charging cables all taking up space and causing confusion in my luggage - why does no one come up with something to charge all these things using one cable?

Looking back over this post, I don't think its too much to ask - or is it?..


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