Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Random thoughts....

Couldthis be the trigger for the start of the third Intifada? The Israeli’s historically seem intent on keeping stability and calm at bay with their behaviour in the West Bank…. Sharon going to the Temple Mount, the West Bank Barricade, and now this…. What the Israeli’s have done will give the volatile Palestinians just the excuse they need to start whatever actions they see as suitable for retaliation.

Texting a friend who has family living in Jericho….to check they are ok….we are both watching the BBC news…he in Kuwait, myself here… when we see the footage of the British Council being burnt….he texts me…”that’s where I took my English exams, wish they wouldn’t damage it, hope they don’t hurt anyone”. I only know the British Council in Amman, that’s where I learnt my Arabic….not heavily fortified, not the most secure building in Amman, a building for learning about other cultures, other languages and for different cultures to meet and talk….it is terrible to see such wanton destruction…..and apparently now the Ramallah B.C. is under attack….

given the high-tech equipment and intelligence the Israeli’s have surely they have better and more subtle ways of taking out prisoners they want eliminated….ah yes, I forgot…there’s an election coming up…historically a good time for the Israeli’s to get a little heavy handed with their neighbours…

For two years an Iraqi naturalized Brit lived in Britain protected by the British government against extradition to France….the government refused to hand him over….I wonder what would have happened if the French had decided to pick him up in London in a similar fashion, what would have been the world’s reaction?

It remains to be seen how involved the British and US govt. actually was…..were they in cahoots with the Israeli govt. or was their pull out really an independent move?

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again now….neither side is right, neither side is perfect but every so often one side makes a stupid arse move….this time – it’s Israel.


Blogger Palestinian Princess said...

Your post is dead on, I really wonder if this will spark a third intifada, honestly, as a girl living in the W. Bank I hope not. The city is closed today in mourning, and I am not sure how long they will stay closed, we are all saddened by what has happened but we are so used to Israeli forces doing as they please while undermining everyone elses authority, such as the UN and nonetheless Palestinian Authority.

I am so depressed about our situation here. I really like your example about the Iraqi neutralized Brit wanted by the French. Do you have any links on that, as that is a very similiar situation, and I also wonder how the world would react if it was anyone else but the Israelis, it seems they have the power to do as they please... Disgusting.

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