Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Getting sorted...

I have in the last two weeks moved into a greater state of domestic bliss. I have a helper. Yes, it is the height of laziness, however, with one day off a week and fairly long hours on the days I am working, I am not keen to spend 3 hours or so on my day off cleaning the house as I have been doing for the last 6 months.

So the helper started at the beginning of last week, and I can't tell you what a joy it is to have my house all nice and sparkling when I get home at night. Given that my apartment here is bigger than HKG and given that Manila seems to be a 'dirtier' city than HKG, I have splashed out and Mrs Mop will be visiting twice a week. It's wonderful.

The other thing I have sorted is education. One should always be learning something new, even if it is not even vaguely useful to every day living, in Jordan I learnt to Salsa, in Hong Kong I learnt to fence. Unfortunately in Manila I have found nowhere to continue my fencing lessons which I loved, so I have decided in favour of archery!

I don't think I will be using a long bow, however given that I have no idea about archery I wouldn't recognise a long bow if I fell over one!

Now, bearing in mind that I have only ever fired an arrow once and that was an unmitigated disaster (suffice to say it was at Tamar site and the arrow missed the target completely and sailed through the fence and through the open window of a passing taxi - no one was injured, however it was all quite stressful!)this could be a huge learning curve.

Wednesday morning I shall have my first lesson. Manila, be warned.


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