Tuesday, August 16, 2005

It's been an odd day....

The plan today was a quick 'once over' of HKG and a quick foray up to Shenzhen and then drinks in LKF..

All went according to plan....however, the later part of the evening, spent with a good professional colleague, of mine, was a little too revealing!!!

I have struggled over the last month in Manila....in all honesty Manila is not the ideal location for a single, Western female to be posted to...particularly one still trying to piece together the remains of a broken heart....

However, as one of my professional 'mentors' said this evening...you work for six days and have one day off...the work part is obviously more important...and from to be honest, on the work side I cannot complain....

It's tough...I want to reach the top level of my profession....but at what cost.....?


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