Saturday, August 13, 2005

Ok boys....listen up........

Last night over dinner with an equal number of male and female guests we started to discuss the merits of men having facials....the conversation came about after one of my male colleagues had 'admitted' he had a facial a week or so ago...much to his wife's surprise...

In conclusion out of the 6 guests...results were as follows..two of the women were fine with it, one had some reservations and the three guys thought it was absolutely fine...along the lines of 'What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander' (Just in reverse!!)

Anyway, this morning whilst clicking through The Telegraph I see that the age of the "metrosexual" is coming to an end...

Metrosexual is out; ├╝bersexual is in. Just when man got used to the idea that it was good to coat himself in moisturiser and ask girls personal questions without being considered a bit limp-wristed, he's going to have to start all over again.

"Compared with the metrosexual, the ├╝bersexual is more into relationships than self. He's not sensual and not at all self-conscious. He dresses for himself more than others (choosing a consistent personal style over fashion fads).

"Like the metrosexual, the ├╝bersexual enjoys shopping, but his approach is more focused; he shops for particular items that enhance his collection rather than shopping as entertainment (he has better things to do than hang out at the mall). His best friends are male; he doesn't consider the women in his life his 'buddies'."

So...are you all boys clear on that?

The conversation at dinner last night...then moved to being dominated by the three women present (as always)...the guys just sat back and listened...the subject matter dropped a few levels and became fairly 'basic' (to put it politely) of the guys then said..'do women always talk about sex like this' which I replied...'usually it is much baser'...the men all looked a little more alarmed and then retreated back into silence..

Just your average dinner party, with average people and yet using that small insight I think we can safely say that the male/female stereotypes have definitely been 'tweaked'.


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