Sunday, August 07, 2005

A blank canvas....

Robin Banks, the graffiti artist (aka Banksy) has made it to the West Bank. I think that the pictures on the wall are quite incredible (even if not strictly true) and make a fairly strong statement about a structure, which in reality, is no better than the Berlin Wall.

For those of you who have not followed this Brit's artistic is a quick summary...

In May of this year he managed to get a 'cave drawing' into the British Museum, not just any cave drawing...this one depicted "early man venturing towards the out-of-town hunting grounds".

In March of this year he made it to the art galleries of New York

In August '04 he showed Britain what he thought of the British justice system.
In October '03 he managed to get one of his 'paintings' into the Tate

July 2003 saw animals being painted to tie in with some of his other art work

The Queen's Jubilee year (2002) saw Banksy throwing a 'Street Party' with HM as a chimp.

And if you need something other than BBC coverage....then this is his own website, which has some newspaper clippings about his work.


Blogger friskodude said...

Excellent, reminds me somewhat of what Keith Haring did many years ago in NY, only Banksy is a more talented and creative artist. Good job with those BBC links.....

4:06 am  
Anonymous Rodney said...

Really helpful information, lots of thanks for your post.

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