Sunday, July 31, 2005


In my bid to explore some more of the recommended shopping malls I ventured over to Rockwell today...found the bookstore up on the 6th floor...good selection, if a little chaotic...and classing 'The Da Vinci Code' as a 'new arrival' is a worry!!

One thing that really unnerves me in Manila is that when one gets into a taxi the driver automatically locks all the doors...I understand why they do this and I am sure it is the most sensible thing to do but I don't like it...when I was about 10 years old I was in a fairly bad car accident...the worst part was that the doors were locked and I couldn't get out...I had to be dragged out the window of the car just as the other car exploded...not something I would like to repeat...hence my fear of having the doors locked.

I went to the movies today...a much more pleasant experience than HKG...nobody allowed in late...and no mobiles ringing or bleeping...definitely something I could get used to!

In HKG at the weekends the shopping malls offer musical entertainment which everyone gathers around to watch and the malls provide religious services and choirs singing....totally different but just as popular...the other difference is that in HKG the shops and the malls continue to be busy (during the 'entertainment') the shops empty and the mall corridors are like a ghost town!


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