Friday, July 29, 2005

There's good and bad in this.....

Mass wedding to be held today

AMMAN (JT) — Sixty-two couples from across the Kingdom gather today, Friday, to tie the knot in the Kingdom's 12th mass wedding at Dar Al Arqam Islamic Schools in Amman. Wedding guests are expected to total 10,000 relatives and friends, and will be served by over 200 volunteers. The participating couples do not pay for any expenses. They will receive cash as well as home furniture and appliances as gifts. The wedding is organised by Al Afaf (virtue) Charitable Society, a nonprofit organisation that seeks to help young couples get married and defy negative social norms like high dowries and extravagant engagement and marriage parties, which are widely viewed as indicators of social status. It has succeeded in assisting 415 couples over the past decade, with the first mass wedding organised in late 1995 for four couples only.

From the Jordan Times


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