Thursday, July 28, 2005

Politics, The Philippines and the IRA

I have been running a little experiment the last five days....when I am introduced to a Filipino I time how long it takes them to mention politics....results so far are...the shortest time three minutes and the longest was eight minutes!

Politics is everywhere here and every piece of news is being read into in some depth and everyone has conspiracy theories.

And this morning I find myself doing the same thing...

main article on the front page of The Philippine Star was:

GMA open to FM burial at ‘Libingan’

Almost 16 years after dying in exile in Hawaii, former strongman Ferdinand Marcos may be accorded a hero’s burial at the Libingan ng mga Bayani at Fort Bonifacio in Makati City.

instead of me thinking, finally this is going to end...I think....ah...interesting timing for GMA to say that..particularly as the media is presently looking into how many Filipinos seem to prefer Marcos to GMA....

The constitutional change that GMA is 'working on/supporting/seeing as a dignified way out'.....has been labelled by all and sundry as the Cha-Cha short for 'Charter Change'...unfortunately the media here does not dignify politics either and makes a mockery of the whole process giving important political decisions a name like 'Cha-Cha'.

Discussing a staffing issue the other day, the staff's unfortunate decision was described as 'lapse in judgement' and that's how it was offically recorded!

And in other news....

From the 'official' end to hostilities...but only after 4pm (BST)today

Prince Walid bin Talal is making a big gesture by donating 11.7m pounds sterling to fund an Islamic gallery at the Louvre...dare I say that the only thing that will help people to gain an understanding of Islam as a religion of humanity and tolerance is when the fundamentalist practioners of Islam stop their indiscrimate murders and curb their violence. An art gallery will be a fantastic addition to the Louvre, Islamic art is very beautiful and many will enjoy it....but I would rather he would spent that money in trying to eradicate Islamic fundamentalists in Saudi Arabia.

Other than her hands, this 'woman' looks quite 'convincing'

Mother Nature at her most impressive and terrifying

Tourists from Hong Kong and China find out what it is like to be on the end of racial slurs...and they don't like it. Probably one of those times when being a hotel GM is not an attractive position!

To finish...a French joke...I would like to point out that this was sent by a Frenchman who is fortunately able to laugh at his country's rather unfortunate reputation!

Prime Minister Chirac has officially raised the French terror alert from "Run" to "Hide". There are only two higher alert levels in France, which are "Surrender" and "Collaborate". The rise was precipitated by a recent fire which destroyed France's white flag factory - effectively crippling their military.


Blogger Skippy-san said...

I can see it now, give a man enough beer and he will try to pick up the robot.........

5:56 am  
Blogger Madame Chiang said...

Compared to what I have seen men pick up after a fair amount of beer I think she's probably not too bad looking!!! Could be a bit scary when you try and get her home!

6:34 am  
Anonymous torn said...

I like the Genting story. Somehow, the singing of the national anthem was the best bit. Very stirring, I'm sure.

6:30 pm  
Anonymous Herbert said...

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