Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Asia's World City....

It never ceases to amaze me how a city as sophisticated and advanced as Hong Kong can continually give itself bad press and embarass itself on the world stage. Disneyland seems to have added to Hong Kong's PR woes this year and there I was thinking that Disneyland was supposed to help Hong Kong....

We start off with the whole shark's fin debacle, the problem here was not only that they originally offered shark's fin on their menu but the way in which the ensuing battle unfolded....yes, we will continue to offer shark's fin, yes, we will continue to offer shark's fin but from sustainable sources, then - yes, we will continue to offer shark's fin but those that want to have it at the banquet will be given a leaflet showing how the sharks are killed and the fin harvested....and then finally, we will take shark's fin off the menu. Surely, someone should have had the sense to realise that this was a developing PR nightmare and just removed it immediately instead of it taking them just over a month.

Then reading the Asian Travel Trade Gazette (1st-7th July) I read a couple of letters from overseas travel agents who are not completely happy with the communication process from Disney...

"During the first part of this year we had a lot of difficulty in making contact with Hong Kong Disneyland for advance bookings and there were no incentives offered to tour operators" (from Bangkok)

"..Hong Kong Disneyland has not been as forthcoming in communicating with us as we would like, and my wish is for its management to work more closely with agents." (from Jakarta)

Granted the first quote was then followed by a comment saying that Disney had improved since the beginning of the year...but still comments such as the above do nothing to enhance HK's supposed reputation of being efficient and confirming Hong Kong's slogan of being 'Asia's World City'.

And finally....the'd think that for a company that portrays animals as cute and cuddly (for the most part) that they'd have more sense!

Fortunately for Hong Kong Disneyland the 'Fireworks' disturbing and polluting Disco Bay" story probably won't make the world's press.


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