Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Hong Kong...

I finally get a chance to have a look at the HK papers...

and I find that..

if you want to be electrocuted...then Hong Kong is the place to be...4,500 (subscription required) lightning strikes in 2 hours...with 800 strikes in one minute, quite glad I'm in Manila otherwise knowing my of those would have got me!!

2km traffic queues in Central, thanks to a burst water pipe (subscription required)...that must have been fun for the morning commuters!

and after six months... the Link-REIT (subscription required) privatisation can go ahead...

it looks as if the government will be ceding the HKCEC to the WTO for a period in December...that's going to make all the businesses in Wanchai extremely happy...I just can't see many of the delegates popping into JB's for a 'quick one'! I'm sure that the protestors are going to be really happy being stuck in Victoria Park...why not just send them to Lamma and be done with it?

``I'm sure the whole community will support the government to do a good job and send a very strong message to the international community that we want to do it well,'' said Janet Wong, from the Trade and Industry Department.

``I hope they will help us protect and maintain our reputation,''

What reputation is that...???


Blogger HKMacs said...

"send them to Lamma..." - excuse me!!

9:02 am  
Blogger Madame Chiang said...

Sorry....ok, then Disneyland!!

12:02 pm  

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