Saturday, August 13, 2005

Chicken Ripple Ice cream....

Little known fact...I am a big Neil Diamond fan...I guess I should get some form of therapy for that...but I have been ever since I can as I sit in my office and listen to Neil on my iPod...I wonder what he was thinking as he wrote these lyrics....

Porcupine Pie, Porcupine Pie, Porcupine Pie
Vanilla Soup, a double scoop please
No, maybe I won't, maybe I won't, maybe I will
The tutti fruit with fruity blue cheese
Ah, but Porcupine Pie, Porcupine Pie, Porcupine Pie
Don't let it get on your jeans
And though it sounds a little strange
Well, you gotta eat it with gloves
Or your hands will turn green
Ah, but porcupine pie, porcupine pie, porcupine pie,
It weaves its way through my dreams,
And I do believe I'm gonna have one and
Leave enough room for dessert, chicken ripple ice cream.

I really do need a holiday...!!!


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