Tuesday, July 12, 2005

A few odds and sods…

It made me so proud when I saw the crowds thronging the Mall in London yesterday to honour and celebrate Commemeration Day…it just goes to prove that London and Londoners will not be intimidated by the events of last week…life will continue, groups will continue to gather and London’s multi-cultural and multi-racial population will continue to live together.

Natasha over at Mental Mayhem highlights some thoughts
from the Arab world on the London bombings and a vigil in Jordan

Thanks to Spike over at Hongkie Town for his farewell…and I must say that after reading James’ post about his evening in Wanchai…I immediately clicked over to Spike to see if he had made a comment….he had…..here.

Hemlock made me laugh out loud…Patrick Ho and charisma in the same sentence, wonderful...just a classic finishing line!

Loved the view from Flying Chair’s picture….but hated seeing the reclamation taking up so much of our beautiful harbour.

As I write this I am keeping half an eye on the most ridiculous TV programme…”For Love or Money”….what a heap of garbage…I cannot believe that people actually take this seriously….actually it’s such garbage I think a little channel changing is necessary.


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