Saturday, July 09, 2005

Where am I going....?

Well, that's it...the house is packed...the boxes are the hell do I manage to accumulate so much 'stuff',,,,I know I travel with a library that would do most cities proud (and even worse the majority of my books are in storage in London!!) but still....51 boxes is excessive! So the flat keys are being handed back this morning, I am staying in a little hotel just around the corner from my flat - it's actually a very good little hotel...suits my purposes just fine.

A quick glance at the news over the last 24 hours....over and above the atrocities in London (I can't formulate my words at present on the events of yesterday, so will write later) and I realise that my arrival in The Philippines is going to coincide with some interesting times....

Firstly Gloria Arroyo has decided (or had the decision made for her) to change her cabinet..interesting tactic....

News also shows that Bird flu has been found in The Philippines, north of Manila.

Thank You to everyone that has sent e-mails wishing me bon voyage...good luck etc. Much appreciated in these somewhat stressful times!


Blogger Spike said...

Not sure what the BBC is saying. The NY Times says that the cabinet had decided to resign en masse and that GMA cut them off by announcing she had requested it first. Also apparently Aquino has now gone on TV calling for GMA's resignation, saying that she cannot govern under the cloud of accusations.

Have a good trip, hope the move goes smoothly. Probably don't need to tell you to register with the British consulate upon arrival. If there's any help I can offer, don't hesitate to ask.

11:18 am  
Blogger Mia said...

Travel safely.

1:33 pm  
Anonymous Solbi-wan Kenobi said...

Safe journey!

And thanx heaps for linking!

7:21 pm  

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