Friday, July 08, 2005

Hazy Thoughts....

It's hard to watch pictures of a city that I know and love under's even harder knowing that this has been expected for a while and may/will/could happen again.

When I first saw the news about the 'power surges' I called my brother in London...he doesn't use the tube but he is involved in the financial I was talking to him I saw the BBC tickertape mention that a bus had that point it became painfully obvious that this was London under attack and no electrical coincidence. The feeling was somewhat similar to watching the second plane aiming at the second tower on September 11th...from that second on there is no way it can be thought of as an accident.

Other than thoughts of complete horror, sorrow and disgust at what has happened I can't really put logical thought what follows are just 'thought clips'....

the first e-mails I received after this news made the wires were from Arab friends of mine....firstly checking where I and my family were, then commenting on the horror that they felt seeing the result of the work of people who allegedly worship the same God as them and follow the same religion.

The only blog I checked was Random Reality, he is an EMT with the London Ambulance the front line of dealing with yesterday's horrors....his first post just stated that something had happened, the third post gave some thoughts on his day and the role that the emergency services played.

I was incredibly impressed with Tony Blair both by his first speech and his reaction. He did look shaken and shocked...almost I thought, on the verge of tears.....not surprising given his week....travelling to Singapore, London winning the Olympic games, the G8 starting and then this.....

I admired the stoicism, resiliance and attitude of Londoners yesterday.....I know that London suffered during the Blitz, I know that we endured the bombings and terror that the IRA inflicted on the city....yes London was prepared, yes London has been through it all doesn't make it any easier to bear or understand. I was amazed at the clarity and calmness shown by those interviewed on TV...I don't know how they did it.

London's emergency services were spectactular.....they brought order to disorder, calm to chaos and the whole operation seemed to move flawlessly....we all know that they had been practicing and rehearsing but was most impressive.

Talking to a friend of mine this morning, we both found it hard to believe that more people were not killed...that in itself is a miracle.

So all in all a shocking day for London, my thoughts are with all those who were injured, friends and family of those who died and the emergency services as they continue their incredibly hard work.