Monday, July 11, 2005

Well...I made it....

Not without incident....but then I guess that's the story of my life!

Had a great last day in HK, the weather helped...and managed to get some cracking pictures from The Peak..will post those when I have time....

Went via DB on my way to the airport mainly in order to gulp down a glass of mind strengthening wine...unfortunately just as i got on the bus to the airport I managed to belt my head on the top of the luggage compartment...the bump is doing nicely and the dizzy feeling abated somewhere over the South China Seas...the nice soothing voice of the Cathay captain helped...I wonder if they train these guys to speak so calmly and soothingly...because if they sure works!

On arrival in Manila I made a rather ungainly entrance after passport control....there's a slight (ever so slight I should point out) ramp, should be non slip but i think the 'non-slippiness' has worn I slipped..right on my arse down a couple of feet...most inelegant...hopefully not a sign of things to come.

It was hard leaving HK...harder than I thought it would be...HK has become so ingrained in my being that it is a bit like being wrenched away from a loved one....actually so ingrained that on arrival at the hotel when they put me in a room on the 14th floor I nearly had kittens!!! 2am I should be nicely tired so should sleep a few hours begins at 9:30 tomorrow morning!

Feel a little disorientated as have not seen the news for about 3 hours!!!


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