Saturday, June 25, 2005

A very painful 80 minutes...

Have just finished watching the Rugby...not great for the Lions, losing O'Driscoll so incredibly quickly was a harsh blow...I wouldn't recommend watching that kind of match being the only Brit in a room full of Kiwis...definitely need some kind of moral support!

The Lions just couldn't seem to get it together and it was painful to watch..I kept flinching!

The only highpoint was that the cameraman did seem to give a fair amount of screen time to the Lions' bit of eye candy...young Mr Wilkinson! So it wasn't a completely wasted 80 minutes...but still...I hope the next two weekends bring some more promising scores.

and wasn't the weather bloody awful..I couldn't believe it when it started hailing!

and on a lighter note.....

Overheard conversation between an American and one other of unknown nationality...

Unknown nationality: "So this is the All Blacks against New Zealand?"
American (full of confidence): "No, this is the English Lions against New Zealand"

I am sure both sides would have loved that exchange.


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