Thursday, June 23, 2005

I had to laugh......

I am at present reading Rules of Engagement by Tim Collins...he was Lieutenant Colonel of the 1 R Irish Regiment for a few of the anecdotes he related when I was reading last night was this...(from during the Fireman's strike of 2002)

"One of the NCOs, a burly Dubliner, struggled to open the fire hydrant with the hydrant tool. He suddenly threw it down with one of the most unusual but in its own way eloquent, descriptive and accurate sentences I've heard in the English language:'Ah, fuck, de fucken fucker's fucken fucked!'"

And then this morning I read Spike's post from Tuesday...

"Typically, once here, these fucks have rearranged the meeting schedule again. This week I have meetings Wednesday through Friday. Next week it's now just Thursday and Friday. I have to fucking sit in this fucking hellhole in a fucking shitty hotel for five fucking days doing fuck-all at their fucking convenience."

I know my language can be a little 'blue' at the best of times...(unfortunately one of the drawbacks of the industry I work in is constant exposure to pretty strong language)...but these two clips were fairly impressive.

Speaking of Spike....he seems a little bored....although, dare I say it,...the 'down time' might be good for him....


Blogger Spike said...

Spike is from The Bronx, or Da Bronx as we call it. We didn't invent foul language but we certainly perfected its usage. Either that or listening to a lot of Lenny Bruce during my formative years.

And thanks for all your blogging. Great stuff to read, great photos to look at. Whether it was for my benefit or not (and I suspect mostly not), it is appreciated!

9:23 am  

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