Thursday, June 23, 2005

A few early morning thoughts....

Since I was a young child I have suffered chronically from nerves...before speeches, before being in school plays, before games matches, before exams - basically anything for which I either had full responsibility or shared responsibility...these nerves don't make brain says I can do whatever the task it, mentally I am actually quite calm about things....however, my stomach says other things....nothing will remain in my stomach under any circumstances...for however long my sub-conscious is most incovenient...I think my sub-conscious has tried to make it more convenient by making sure I am not hungry or thirsty during the same period!! The other side effect is that my sub-conscious will not let me sleep...managed about three hours last night, I know that I am a bad sleeper anyway but this is not great. job pending, small move across the water...sub-conscious has kicked started yesterday morning...the only thing I ate yesterday was a piece of banana cake....someone had freshly baked it and was justifiably proud of their's not good if you are having afternoon tea at someone's house and then half an hour later throw it up!! Really, really not good!! And before anyone thinks it...I do not have an eating disorder...just a highly active sub-conscious!

I have tried many ways to get past this over the years...nothing has worked...if anyone has any suggestions - they would be gratefully received....the only good thing is that it saves on time as I don't really need to eat plus the lack of sleep required means that I automatically have more hours in the day!!


I know very few other people do...but I love this kind of's good for so many things...staying in bed - all snuggled up against the elements, sitting in the office enjoying a bit of 'schaden-freude' that I can watch and enjoy it from indoors...and finally, the best part, actually being out there and battling the elements...I love it...this morning my brolly blew inside out and I got drenched on the way to is just so invigorating...I think everyone thought I was some kind of a lunatic...absolutely drenched and yet grinning like the Cheshire Cat!

As I have mentioned before, I have some great memories of heavy rain in Hong Kong......the song that reminds me of that evening was Eurythmics.."Here comes the Rain Again".


Spoke to a friend of mine in Edinburgh last night....he had just finished a 54 mile walk in 23 very own action hero! He is quite proud of himself (and justifiably so), out of 1800 people who started only 600 finished.


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