Friday, June 24, 2005

It's all down to perception....

Picture the scene...

I am sitting in a meeting where I was working in Jordan, waving my hands in disagreement with a point being raised...I am holding a conversation with someone on my 'outside' mobile and another with someone on my 'internal' mobile - all to do with the meeting...I hear someone speaking down the corridor who has a document pertinent to the meeting..I open the door...wave them in and ask for the document. As I sit down...I look up at the GM...he frowns...and then says "How do you bloody do that?" turn to frown.."What?"...all those things at once...."Ah, I reply...multi-tasking....something apparently only women can do to any great level!"...he laughed...."Yes, I agree"!!

So on Wednesday I was joking around with someone saying that women can multi-task better than, having to do a bit of research on the subject I find that there is no actual scientific proof about is just 'perception'.

This Q&A fromCNNand this article from the WSJ.

So there you go....there is no scientific women just get on and do it!!


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