Friday, April 29, 2005

To sleep, perchance to......

So, there I am sitting in the Lobby Bar at the Edinburgh Sheraton talking to two good friends of mine....we talk for hours about new jobs, future plans, family, travel, next holiday....the replacement for one of my friends who has just been promoted....apparently the replacement was hired by his boss without his say friend is not overly impressed with her previous experience...and in his own words "Would not have hired her"....the afternoon tea we were enjoying was very was good to have clotted cream for a change instead of the whipped cream that a lot of places pass off as clotted cream in HK!

And then the alarm clock goes off..........welcome back to reality in HK

I am known for my vivid dreams....the one that has caused most amusement to my friends was when I mentioned that the British Army were now using giant chipmunks for target practice on Salisbury Plain...cue hysterical was on Sky news last night....and I swear if I close my eyes (even now, three years on) I can still see the TV in my living room with the Sky TV banner underneath a report showing giant chipmunks charging down a hill into gun fire....the camera pans back and shows a row of soldiers firing at the chipmunks....


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