Saturday, April 30, 2005

It's official...

I'm bored!!!

The problem with the job that I do is that due to unpredictable working hours, if I know I am finishing late I don't generally make plans to go out - mainly due to the possibility of a crappy day leading to a crappy mood...However, tonight is different, I am at work, with half an hour more to go before I can officially escape - and bored out of my skull...desperately want to go out for a bit of excitement, but all my friends are either working late (love this job!) or having a nice cosy night at home! So, no friends to play with!

This can't be good...All wound up and nowhere to go! Feel like the Duracell bunny with brakes on!

So I guess it is back to the original plan which is home to The West Wing - Complete Season 5 which arrived from Amazon this morning.

Hmmm an evening with Bradley Whitford and glimpses of one of my favourite cities....not too bad a substitution! Which gives me the perfect opportunity for a few more pictures....!!

Down the Mall from The Capitol
Down the Mall from The Capitol on a very grey day.

Probably one of the most famous addresses in the world...

...and their press!

Looking across to the Jefferson Memorial

Korean War Memorial
The Korean War Memorial

Vietnam War Memorial. 1
The Vietnam War Memorial

The Vietnam War Memorial

Roosevelt's Four Freedoms

Arlington Cemetery


Blogger cuiyao said...

my working hours are also unpredictable, especially at saturday, friends keep asking me out from the evening and i could never give a yes or no. sometimes i even stay overnight until sunday morning. almost forget how the clubs look like. soon i will get lost in lan kwai fong.

11:55 pm  

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