Monday, July 16, 2007

It's the little things in life...

Well, I finally have broadband at home...and IDD....and by the end of the week, will have a new kitty to add to the household
(Chiang Kai-shek has been terribly lonely), her name is Clara at the moment...possibly options...Sun Yat-sen or Soong May-ling!

Other than work and setting up home, have done fairly little in the way of touristy things...however, the Island Boy is due in this coming no doubt there will be some sightseeing done then. But...if you class going 'out on the town' as the touristy thing then last weekend, in the company of the always intelligent E@L and the somewhat charming (in an 'arrogant tosser' sort of a way!) company of Indy, I ventured to Dream Hotel (Flava), Bed SupperClub and Q Bar....I must say, it would have been hard to find better company for such an outing...

The Sunday evening, in the company of the same two reprobates mentioned above...saw an Indian dinner being consumed under the watchful eye of Yasser Arafat by way of a huge framed pictures directly opposite E@L's seat....I guess that will teach him to pick the restaurant of choice from a review posted above a urinal in a girlie bar at Nana Plaza.... Seriously... you can't make this stuff up!!!

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Blogger Indiana said...

I think there might be a compliment in all that...somewhere.

And I thought eating in a restaurant that openly supported Hamas and Hezbollah was...amusing.

10:10 am  
Blogger expat@large said...

Sorry, but I hardly got a word in edgeways at the excellent and interesting Arafat memorial dinner, you two were at going at it like...


like... it was almost embarrassing... ah, words fail me...!

Sorry about not being able to make a booking for dinner at the Peninsula later in the week as promised, it never had a chance with my late night workload (talk about sour endings!). Will try again next time. Maybe late August or late September... October? Defintely be there in November.

Whenever, 'cause like Arnie,
aaaahhhhlllll be baaackkkk!!!

And definitely I suggest you go with Soong May-ling for the new pussens.

11:21 pm  
Anonymous torn said...

Aw -- very sweet photo! You seem to be doing great over there, glad to hear it.

11:44 am  

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