Tuesday, March 06, 2007

It just doesn't stop...!!!

As I think I mentioned a week or so ago...I am really busy at work and as a consequence am not really reading the paper, absorbing the news or really coming up with much blogging material....anyway, here are a few odds and sods...

The ballet on Saturday evening was wonderful....I just thought it such a shame that the theatre was so empty...events like this should be better marketed and promoted and really should be much better attended. I only really had two quibbles...the first was that the music was 'canned'; a live orchestra would really have added to the event, the second was that I spent a fair amount of the evening concerned we were going to lose a couple of the dancers - particularly the male dancers during 'Carmen', the floor seemed overly slippery! City Boy had organised box seats for us...it is actually quite nice sitting higher than the stage, particularly during the large group dances.

As the Island Boy was in town, the three of us decided to go and look at Serendra, the new development over at the Fort. We had dinner at Hossein's which, although nice, really is not authentic Arabic or for that matter Indian food...dessert was at Cupcakes by Sonja...it amazed me that people would queue for cupcakes...and then I realised...the queue inside is only because the girls inside are so chaotic...it took about 20 minutes to get three cupcakes and two teas and a coffee. The cupcakes are excellent (if quite expensive - the total bill was about P500)but the tea and coffee left a fair amount to be desired - luke warm water, a tea bag and powdered milk does not a good cup of tea make!!

The rest of the weekend was spent pottering about town...the Island Boy seems to find that Cebu does not offer everything to satisfy his sartorial requirements...the predominant issue seems to be a lack of Zara outlets...and if his hair was anything to go by...a barber!!!!! He arrived looking like Elvis during the latter part of his career (hair only!), give him a white rhinestone jumpsuit and he could have done a passable impersonation! Fortunately he was returned to Cebu looking more normal!

I managed to catch the tail end of a BBC world documentary about OFWs, part of their 'Migration around the world' series what I saw seemed very good, the one comment that rang very true but is very unfortunate was that the 'present overseas workers are funding the overseas workers of the future'...in other words a self perpetuating problem.

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