Tuesday, February 06, 2007

This weekend's FT

It always makes me happy to see positive coverage of Jordan as a tourist destination....this past weekend's FT had one good article in the magazine and one hotel review in the newspaper....

For the magazine article, click here and then click the graphics to get into the magazine, then type 50 in the page section at the top.....

And hat can only be described as a rather snide review of the Ishtar Kempinski at the Dead Sea....

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Blogger Madame Mao said...

I take it you are referring to the Middle Eastern country rather than the UK glamour model and celebrity contestant.

I enjoy your blog very much. I am based in the UK. Perhaps you would like to link to me.

It seems the world over the only blog ever know is arch tory quido fawkes.

5:22 pm  
Anonymous maxie said...

I'm reading at the moment a rather longish short story by Anthony Trollope: 'A Ride Across Palestine'. Found it in The Oxford Book of Travel Stories. I'm sure you'd find it interesting.

1:37 pm  

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