Sunday, January 21, 2007

Il Divo in Manila

Last night's viewing entertainment at the PICC was four boys who actually can sing..otherwise known as Il Divo.

They definitely can sing, although the friend I was with (in future to be known as City Boy!) wittered throughout the concert that the Swiss guy's notes were not 'clean'!

They definitely look good..although three of them look a little on the pale side compared to the Spanish guy who looked as if he were getting more tanned as the show went on - almost as if he has slathered on fake tan pre-show and it was darkening by the minute!

However, the one thing they cannot make little asides and chat through the was all so forced and felt very awkward..every time they stopped for one of their little 'chats'; my toes curled up in my shoes as I cringed!

The one thing that made my evening was the conductor for the orchestra...he was hysterical, his movements wouldn't have been out of place in an 80s disco; and at one stage I thought he was going to gallop off the provided me with a good 15 minutes of almost hysteria!

The concert was graced by GMA...who walked (more like trotted!) in at about 8:30pm, the concert was supposed to start at 8pm....after the announcer asked us to please sit..and then please stand as the President arrived, there was subdued booing from the front of the theatre..I don't think the concert was late because of her, just that she waited until most people had arrived. To be honest, half an hour late for a concert to start is not bad going - particularly here!

All in, a highly enjoyable evening!

Update: It seems there was heckling of GMA both before and after...!!!

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Blogger Skippy-san said...

I thought it was a thing in the PI to be late. I heard a story of from a guy that said his wife was late to their wedding!

7:38 am  

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