Thursday, January 18, 2007

And it's the end of another week in reality.....

Seriously, this is a labour of love....wrote the whole damn post earlier and lost the whole bloody thing....

So, take two...and this take will be a little more abbreviated than the original...

Take heart all you single men out there (well, those that are single and looking!) even truckloads of money and good looks and being 'nice' isn't a guarantee to get you the girl of your one Englishman has discovered.

And in pictures, how lucky The Hamster really was.

I now have 101 reasons not to go on a people fall or do they get pushed? Mysterious deaths on the high seas!

And to my list of 100 reasons not to go back and live in the UK, I add this...give or take 5,000 pounds for a rail annual season ticket...and one shouldn't expect a seat.

A new blogger on the block...Bill Marriott

In further hotel news...from 'Absolutely filthy' to just 'dirty' in 6 there's a goal for any hotel!

And in the final bit of hotel news for the day....the Philippine Plaza here in Manila has cross country skiing close by, I'm not sure why that surprises me...but it does!!

The 2008 election is edging ever Obama the Democratic man to watch? Would it be possible to have Hillary Clinton as the Presidential nominee with Obama on the ticket as the VP..or would that be too much for conservative America to deal with?

I wanted to write a post about the USAF Staff Sergeant who posed for Playboy magazine..but I figured I knew a man who would probably do it so much better than I...and I was, over to Skippy-San



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