Thursday, February 08, 2007

In the olden days one used a scribe....

One of my male colleagues is not very internet savvy and is trying to conduct a rather long distance relationship - not a great combination in this day and age!!

This relationship entails rather frequent sending of flowers and gifts...for which the internet is quite useful....and this is where I come in....he comes to my office, I talk him through it, helping type where necessary and also adding my tuppence worth on the choice of flowers, gift etc etc.

It is always quite entertaining helping him out - he is Italian after all...but today's was more amusing than most. He was organising a flower arrangement for Valentine's Day...and when I just reiterated delivery for the 14th of Feb he said..."No, make it for the 13th, I want to make sure it gets to her before everyone else's"!!!!

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Blogger Dominique said...

How romantically old-fashioned!

Do you get a cut of the transactions? ;-)

11:07 pm  

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