Tuesday, November 28, 2006

It's the little things...

One of the drawbacks of having my vacation cancelled is the number of items I had planned to purchase either in the UK or in HKG which I just cannot seem to get here, or are more expensive here...

The West Wing Series 7 DVD
Sliding Doors DVD (and yes, I have tried everywhere, including my colleagues 'usual' sources and apparently it cannot be found for love 'nor money)
A new AirPort Express as mine has gone on the fritz and I have got kind of used to wireless internet and music! It's about US$40 more expensive here than HKG - yes, I'm Scottish! And a wireless Mighty Mouse - the latter being more of a real splurge!
Cat scratching boxes my two furry friends adore these things - even without the catnip...the catnip just makes them go into some weird, drooling, drugged up frenzy...bit like me after a few G&Ts I guess!!!
Shanghai Tang's Ginger Flower Room Oil

And the hardest thing to bear of all, is the one beauty product that I actually use and have done all my life (corny and cliched as it may sound - my mother got me onto it!) is the most basic Oil of Ulay moisturiser...and I can't find it here...I can only find all the fancy ones that promise to make you look 20 years younger but are actually so thick I feel like I'm walking around with wall paper glue on my face! It is by far the cheapest of all the products they offer, but I swear by it...and have found nothing similar...ever!!

I know the obvious is to buy most of it online but I can't be doing with online shopping at the moment...because truth be told I really cannot handle the post offices here! In Jordan the post office was as challenging as it is here, but some enterprising soul set up a courier system linked to all the major online retailers outside to of the country, it was similar to using DHL only much, much cheaper and strangely far more efficient.

I believe the Blue-eyed Boy is heading this way sometime in the next two weeks, so he may have quite the shopping list!

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