Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The air that I breathe....

A couple of weeks back in Time magazine there was an article about Beijing's pollution and at the end of the article there was an additional page commenting on the levels of pollution in Asian cities.

Since moving here from HKG I have sworn blind that the pollution in HKG is worse than Metro Manila; I base this on two things (neither of them very scientific!) firstly, I have not had any form of cough or bronchitis since I arrived HKG it was a fairly regular thing, secondly, my cat has stopped coughing like he smokes 60 a day! Those two factors lead me to believe that we are better off here than in Hong Kong. However, the article in Time gave HKG two little polluted clouds as a rating...and Metro Manila three.. I still didn't really believe that HKG was better than here...

The other day Spike posted these pictures of a 'hazy' Hong Kong - 'hazy' being the politically correct word to use to describe the filth that the average Hong Konger has to breathe in..

And then I looked out my window at 7am this morning; these pictures show the view from my apartment down to Makati and down to Manila Bay.

Somewhere through all that is Manila Bay....

But, as the saying goes 'every cloud has a silver lining'; even polluted ones; as this article from The Telegraph would have us believe.


Anonymous Dave said...

Very interesting article in the Telegraph that you point out, Madame. So by living in Hong Kong I am simply wallowing in the primordial muck...!

David (from Walk the Talk, since moved to Blogger Beta:)

9:30 am  

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