Sunday, November 12, 2006

Girly Sunday...!!!

I realise that I'm not overly experienced in matters of 'dating' (one blind date, does not an expert make!) however, even I can see that the procedure of a Brazilian wax is just not good date material

Personally, I go for Rigby & Peller every's all about the 'fit', although the fitting process is a little disconcerting!

Yesterday, whilst at Rockwell I saw this book on the shelves (I use d this link, because the more traditional methods - Amazon as an example - dont stock the book!), today over at The Times I read Having it both ways...

“Sex is far less mechanical with another woman than it is with a man,” says Lisa Gunning, 34, a film editor who came out five years ago. “So much so that when I think of all those happily married women out there, lying in bed on a Saturday night, getting pounded away at and thinking that’s as good as it gets, I’m so incredibly glad I’m not living in that ‘costume’ any more.”

“but then 90% of the women I’ve had affairs with were straight women, and I could hardly blame them. Men are so crap in bed, aren’t they?”

hmmmmmm...horses for courses!! All I can say is not all men are crap in bed (or maybe I've just been fortunate and encountered just the one!!)...and if yours is...move on!

And on a slightly/vaguely connected subject....Indy's insights into whether you should sleep with a man on a first date...and in the comments it gets down to the real basics of dating...who 'initiates' the first kiss?!

And why is it about me…simple, I am the man, and very few women even with women’s lib will actually initiate that first kiss (unless she is really drunk) so it is up to me to do it, to take the initiative and “test the waters”, to see if the interest is returned.

Now, that, I can agree with!

In the American blogsphere it seems that there is a lot of anger being vented at one man (described as a 'blogging predator')....and here for a slightly more rational thoughts!

And finally...with Daniel is obviously 'what lies beneath' that is the attraction...I have to say that the chiselled, almost mean looking facial features did nothing for me...until I saw this picture...

other pictures from Casino Royale here


Blogger Dominique said...

Now, is that (points at Daniel Craig's picture) the result of a Brazilian wax? =)

10:53 am  
Blogger Skippy-san said...

I can't resist.


I always say that about the object of a girl's overt signs of lust...........

10:06 pm  
Blogger Madame Chiang said...

Dom: Men who wax their chests would not float my boat in any shape or form!!! So am hoping there has been no wax near that chest!!

Skippy: I knew you were going to write that...I almost wrote underneath...and No, Skippy, he's not gay...Believe me I have enough issues with that in real life without adding in my 'objects of lust'!!

10:45 pm  
Anonymous Tristan said...

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5:49 pm  

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