Monday, November 06, 2006

Coup d'etat

For the past eight years I have had one permanent sleeping companion, he's black and white, very furry, four legged and goes by the name of Chairman Mao...he has been resident on the 'other side of the bed' since he first moved in with me...well, 'on the other side of the bed' except for the times that there were slightly less furry, two legged residents!

During Chairman Mao's residence on the bed, Chiang Kai-shek our other four legged companion has always slept in the living room (except for a time in Jordan when she shacked up with my flat mate!)...or at the very least just outside the bedroom door.

However, in the past week, there has been a very dramatic shift in power. Chiang Kai-shek has taken up residence on the bed and will not move, at all...even when Chairman Mao comes and growls at her. Chiang Kai-shek is already in place on the bed when I get home, she has clocked the fact that Chairman Mao always sits and waits by the front door until I get home, so she uses this to her advantage! Poor old Chairman Mao has taken to sleeping on a chair by the bedroom door and has a rather bewildered look on his face at the moment...and when I'm sitting watching the TV he sits and stares at me - for hours! It is most disconcerting.

I have absolutely no idea what has triggered this change in sleeping arrangements, it is all quite bizarre...but am letting them sort it out between themselves. At least Chiang Kai-shek purrs more quietly and has a much less squeaky miaow than Chairman Mao!

I wonder how long this will last!


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