Sunday, November 05, 2006

5th of November

Remember, remember, the fifth of November

I didn't realise people in Hong Kong still used pay phones, he must be a tourist!!!!!

The words 'stable door', 'horse's bolted' and 'after', spring to mind after reading this.

Is the 'Nuclear Family'now a fading part of history?

Here's a possible new job for me!!! But, if I were a Redcoat, I'm not sure I could afford to stay at the recently revamped Le Manoir.

Is this the biggest misunderstanding in the US, since "tea and cookies"?

I don't care how rude people think David Starkey is...I think he's fantastic....


Blogger Dominique said...

A redcoat, hmmm...? But won't the bear suit be a little warm? =)) Just kidding, Madame Chiang. I think you would look smashing in the uniform (sans the bear suit).

Do folks still celebrate Guy Fawkes' Day? Funny, my introduction to that was through Alan Moore's comic, and that was so many years ago.

6:14 pm  

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