Tuesday, November 07, 2006

It all happens in the news....

Imelda is starting a cheap but glitzy jewellery range for 'youths who were not affected by her family's history'.If this were England, I think the line would be aimed at the delightful subculture named Chavs...but we're not...so it ain't!!

It is incredible how one store is so much part of the British psyche that the British public felt 'betrayed' when M&S rather wandered off the beaten path...however, according to various fashion gurus it seems that M&S back on track...millions of British women (and men) can sleep better in the knowledge that things are reverting to normal on the British high street!

I'm not sure if thinking that Becks is not due a knighthood due to is his age is fair comment, however, his comment about Posh probably more than makes up for it!!

One day to go...and Clinton gets the gloves off...!
Just a gratuitous picture of Bill, no other reason for the picture!

Apparently, in the real world, Filipino men are more under the 'saya' (that was the first tagalog expression I learnt when I moved here!!) than macho!! I'll reserve judgement!

And finally, the WAGs are helping Liverpool in its year as 2008 European Capital of Culture...hmmmmm...least said about that the better I think!


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Imelda and Fegie in the same week....there must be a joke in there somewhere.


9:28 pm  
Anonymous Marvin said...

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