Saturday, November 11, 2006

The wheels stayed on….

A few years back whilst in Jordan…my housemate and I were sitting at home at about 10pm in our jammies watching The West Wing…it was a cold winter’s night and we were home for two reasons…the first being that hot water bottles and jammies were infinitely more preferable to the snow outside…and secondly as Baghdad was being pounded by the Americans just up the road, we had been told to stay home…

So, the DVD finished and my housemate turned to me and said ‘Now what?’….being the real trouble maker between the two of us…,.I suggested getting dressed and nipping up to the Inter-Con for a swift drink…

So we quickly threw on winter clothes and traipsed up the road to the Inter-Con…the bar was packed…full of journalists…things went rapidly down hill…there were shooters, there were BBC reporters, there were Spanish reporters who were happy to show us what was under their shirts…I can’t quite describe how quickly it went downhill and how much alcohol was consumed….then just to add to the general chaos a really good Jordanian friend of mine from college appeared on the scene, I hadn’t seen him since college…and we had always been good drinking and dancing buddies…by this time it was about 2am…and he decided we should move onto the nightclub just up the road from my house (when I say just up the road, I mean it…if you opened the door of the nightclub and gave someone a gentle push, they’d roll down the hill straight through my front door!!!)… so we did…something about driving through Amman in the snow with roof down in a Porsche that adds to the fun (particularly with a bucket load of shooters inside one’s stomach!)…so, to Xanadu, more alcohol and a somewhat entertaining ending to the morning…it was past dawn by the time I got home! Collectively, we looked pretty rough the next morning...!!!!

Anyway, to cut a long story short…tonight I was out a party with a group (bar one or two) that I don’t feel too comfortable with….and I just had the feeling that if my housemate from Jordan were there, the wheels would definitely have come off!!!

Fortunately (I guess) the housemate in question is safely in Muscat, and I was removed from the scene before I could consume that ‘one drink’ that would push me towards the state of ‘just not caring’!!!

Will have to wait until she makes it to Manila, rumour has it that this may not be too far off……and then organize a few days off for after the event…and hope she brings a large supply of paracetemol!


Blogger Scorpy said...

Drinking and Dancing in the SNOW..after watching a western series on AMERICAN democracy, just strikes me as strange on so many levels...LOL

7:02 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is not good to take paracetamol for a hangover. Both paracetamol and ethanol are hepatotoxic, and when taken together have a potentiating hepatotoxic activity.

Be specially wary of double strength or extra strength paracetamol or acetaminophen. Deaths have occured when the totaL daily intake exceeded 3 grams, on top of an alcoholic binge.

9:01 am  
Blogger Dominique said...

I think the top-down Porsche did it for me.... =)

10:04 am  
Blogger Madame Chiang said...

Scorpy: broken down like that yes, I guess it could sound odd coming from Jordan...but that's the kind of country it is!!

Anonymous: Thanks for that very medical comment! Unfortunately being allergic to asprin my headache relief measures are limited.

Dom: Yes, that night suited a Porsche with the top down, although under normal circumstances I'm not really a Porsche kind of girl!

11:17 am  
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