Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Pre-emptive action....

I have mentioned before the Filipino national tendancy for the men to relieve themselves at the drop of a hat (actually no hat necessary) and in public...

However, the last four mornings have made me wonder what effect I have on people.... On Sunday morning I picked up a taxi on Shaw just outside the Petron station...the taxi driver drove up to the shop in the gas station and then hopped out saying 'back in a minute' he pops into the toilet and (I am assuming, at this stage) relieves himself.

So, Monday morning I pick up a taxi on Wack Wack I get into the taxi on one side, the driver gets out on the other side with a quick 'excuse me' thrown over his shoulder..runs over to the nearest wall, this time there is no 'assuming', I know he relieved himself! Same thing Tuesday morning and again this morning...alhtough this morning I was vaguely prepared for as the driver turned around to ask if I would mind waiting for a minute, before he could utter the first word I just said 'Go ahead, be my guest'!

I think tomorrow I will just ask before I get in...'Do you need to pee?'....let's see what happens...!!!


Blogger Mia said...

Yes its you!

And were your ears burning at about noon today?

1:52 pm  
Blogger the amateur misanthrope said...

I am a Filipino male. I don' do that. I instruct delicately my bladder to hold it in until we find the proper receptacle.

So I guess it IS you. Perhaps you're a mutant. With diuretic powers.

7:46 am  

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