Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Coffee, Tea or me...??!!!

I'm back! As always it was too short...you just start to wind down and breathe and then its time to come back...anyway, I guess it was better than nothing...

A slightly different Cebu weekend to the norm, due to a few "official" engagements that my travelling companion had to show face at, he's good at that kind of thing...I'm terrible; and as a consequence try as much as possible to fade into the background, however I am learning to plaster a fairly convincing smile on my face, nod when required and say very, very little!!! Going to these sort of events with my friend always reminds me of that line the Neil Diamond movie 'The Jazz Singer'...when his wife says to the agent..."What was I supposed to do...follow him around from city to city saying 'Wow'?".

The weekend started with a flying visit to the Lapu-Lapu city tourism night...meeting all the 'right' people, the Mayor's wife and many others...then onto the Marco Polo to drop into the Pool side Chill out party...Skippy, I did try to take pictures of the models in their bikinis frolicking in the pool, but, unfortunately they didn't come out very well...I'm sorry!

Other than a spot of shopping and a whole lot of lying on the beach, Sunday saw us going to see Casino Royale...it was excellent..Daniel Craig does 007 proud. The two best quotes of the movie...

Bartender: Shaken or stirred?
James Bond: Does it look like I give a damn?

and my all time favourite line...

Vesper to Bond: You take the next one, there's not enough room in here for me and your ego

Monday saw more lazing by the beach...a bit of activity in feeding the fishes and then into Cebu City for a spot of sightseeing..namely the Basilica Minore del Santo NiƱo...and Magellan's Cross. The evening was a little stressful...the traffic was so bad it took us over an hour and half to get from Cebu City back to Mactan...quite horrific..Dinner was at the Mayor's house - unfortunately due to timing constraints we turned up in what can only be described as beach wear...I was mortified! and then a real rush to catch the last flight...I'm surprised they let us board...surprised, but very grateful!!

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Blogger rmacapobre said...

i hope you enjoyedyour visit to cebu ..

1:11 pm  
Blogger Skippy-san said...

I''l be the judge of good bikinis or bad, thank you very much. Sounds to me like I need to go to Cebu and check it out myself....

1:04 pm  
Blogger Madame Chiang said...

rmacapobre: I always enjoy my trips to Cebu!!

Skippy: it was the photos that were crap...going on the reaction of the guys that were with me...the bikinis and the girls in them were fine!!!

1:41 pm  
Anonymous nunu's mum said...

Madame Chiang is having fun! (in the Philippines, finally!)

Do you think I'll ever have the same fate in Barnsley?

3:29 am  
Anonymous Buck said...

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1:24 am  

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