Thursday, August 03, 2006

Not a good week for CLK......

The Civil Aviation Department is investigating an incident Saturday in which a Dragonair Airbus and a Northwest Airlines Boeing 744, both bound for Japan's Narita Airport from Hong Kong, came within a vertical distance of about 300 feet [90 meters] and a horizontal distance of 3.5 nautical miles of one another.


In another incident, Wednesday, Dragonair cargo flight KA590 bound for Shanghai from Hong Kong at 12.02pm returned and landed without incident at 2.01pm after one of the aircraft's three hydraulic systems failed.

from The Standard

And then today...the typhoon causes all flights in and out of CLK to be redirected/delayed/cancelled...

and from CX...

Cathay Pacific regrets the inconvenience to all passengers who were hoping to travel to or from Hong Kong today. The airline’s top priority now is to return to normal services as soon as possible. The airline cancelled the arrival and departure of all flights to and from Hong Kong until 0900 tomorrow morning (Friday, 4 August) following excessive winds in and around Hong Kong International Airport at Chek Lap Kok today. Strong southeasterly winds and gust levels that do not permit safe arrivals or departures have been experienced throughout the day.

I know here in Manila, we took in a fair number of the flights unable to make it into did Cebu....where the blue-eyed boy ended up!!!


Anonymous Mia said...

Lucky I changed my flight then! Heaven forbid I end up in Cebu. ~grin~

2:18 pm  

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