Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Pip pip cheerio...!

Blogging will be light to non-existant...I am leaving the cats to operate the microwave by themselves...and am off to the land of...

falling scissors

falling pipes

lightning strikes

democracy...or maybe not....

Fatty Pang and egg tarts.....'Flanked by small boys in loincloths fanning him with ostrich feathers, the rotund Brit shakes hands with adoring crowds of erstwhile subjects who throw flowers at his feet and offer him babies to kiss, egg tarts to gobble and intimate female apparel to sign. Fans clutching Patten memorabilia mob bookstores like followers of a young pop star, a glamorous actress or a charismatic religious leader offering hope – which, to old, overweight gwailos who failed to make it to the top, he probably does.'

Lights out

Disney Land

and just in case you thought my love affair with Hong Kong was is also the land of this.........

and this....

piccies from here


Blogger Scorpy said...

have fun and come back soon :)

5:56 pm  
Anonymous Eric said...

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8:51 am  

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