Monday, July 24, 2006

Meanwhile, back on the ranch....

Today was GMA's State of the Nation Address (more commonly known as SONA). For background and history on the SONA, MLQ3 has this post which is the follow up to last week's episode of his TV show, The Explainer. This year marks the 70th anniversary of the SONA.

For a full rundown of the afternoon, MLQ3's blow by blow account is informative...and amusing...I'm not sure if I am supposed to laugh at something that is supposed to be so important....but I did! Amusement factor provided by two things...firstly the description of the 'appreciative' noises from the audience...
lusty cheering
delirious cheering
happy hooting
really happy hooting
happy, happy, hooting
orgy of cheering, hooting
final orgy of cheering

and the second thing...this line..."More goodies: new generators, more roads, etc, not sure why it made me laugh...but it did!

Truth be told, Manolo, made me laugh twice today....the first time was early this morning reading his column about the SONA in today's PDI...'it will be like that scene in “The Gulag Archipelago,” where, after Stalin had concluded a speech, the nomenklatura began to clap—and couldn’t stop clapping, because the first one to stop would be seen as disloyal and might end up being shot!'

The PDI's sona site also has a running account of the events of the afternoon, with some background information on the main points.

And finally, I may be wrong, but I get the general impression that what the people want is for GMA to no longer be president...."I am not here to talk about politics, I am here to talk about what people want."


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