Monday, July 31, 2006

Fear and loathing on EDSA....

I have mentioned before a few things I am frightened I refer particularly to the unmentionable brown, shiny bugs....

Last night on my arrival back in Manila I managed to get a taxi with an extra of the unmentionable brown bugs... unfortunately at some stage between the airport and Shaw...I lost track of the bug...I went into panic meltdown and was terrified that it would find me in the dark...fortunately for me the traffic up EDSA was very light... the taxi turned left from EDSA into Shaw we were pulled over by the traffic police - apparently in my absence one can no longer turn left into Shaw from we were pulled over at the EDSA underpass and the driver had to get there was no way I was being left in the taxi with the bug on my I got out as well...much to the consternation of all concerned...anyway after about 10 minutes we were allowed to continue (now I just need to find out how to get home off EDSA...).

When I got home I was left with this irrational fear that the bug was in my handbag so before I went in the house I decided to empty my entire handbag on the floor on the corridor...and pushed Chairman Mao into my handbag to see if the bug was in there (allegedly cats are good at finding unmentionables!) this stage the next door neighbours came must have all looked a little bizarre!!

Fortunately I came home with no extra wildlife....who says I have no life??!!!!..So it's a little what??!!!


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