Saturday, April 29, 2006

Of Revenge and Rabbits...

What do you think of when you think of rabbits or bunnies.......

the average family pet...

Bunny girls (or the 'not average' family pet)...or this bunny girl!

and whilst we are on the subject (well sort of)....something a little more risque, courtesy of Mia!

The Easter bunny (sorry just had to get the cartoon in, laughed so much when I saw this over Easter!)

or this 'wascally wabbit'

or do you think of the bunny boiler of all bunny boilers...

Which leads me nicely to where I was actually going with this post....I do have a point and I am getting there...!


Apparently revenge is a dish best eaten cold...I wouldn't know I'm not really qualified to talk not being particularly good at taking revenge, I am a strong believer in the 'rise above it' school of thought...although if ever I need to or a friend needs to, I have a few dastardly plans up my sleeve....!! and as Hamlet said 'revenge should have no bounds' although I would qualify that with a few 'bounds'....!!

Revenge is normally something that happens when someone is wounded or frightened in whatever way....happening in the work place, between countries and more often than not between friends, family and lovers (sorry, that should probably be ex-friends and ex-lovers).

When I was a teenager, great was the intake of breath at the thought of using your recently 'ex'-boyfriend's phone to call Australia's speaking clock and leaving the phone off the hook, or that urban myth of sprinkling grass seeds in the carpet then gently watering it and then closing the front door behind you - this was only really effective if he was going to be away for some time and could return to a soft grassy carpet.

These days however with the internet and all the joys it holds...revenge can be a much stronger affair...and usually far more public....Back in June last year I posted this story about a wife who sold her husband's Lotus on ebay for 50p. Of course e-mail is a very useful tool...a well worded e-mail to a few choice people on what or who you know...could be very damaging. And here within the blogosphere, revenge could be equally easy...a few well chosen comments, unearthing someone's identity and exposing it to all or horror upon horrors...a photo...and probably not the nice one that you took the last time you went skiing when you were all wrapped up in your ski gear! Or (now only a woman could have thought of this!!) you can get your own url with your ex's nameis a; of course, if you are going to choose this have to be careful...

Of course, as well as being a useful tool in executing your revenge, the internet is a very useful tool for ideas...and if you are really stuck for could always ask Revenge Lady; she even has eleven rules - I think number seven is very true...always be creative! And for an entire site dedicated to revenge stories The Payback could be useful.

Alternatively, you don't need to do anything could just cast a spell or get a voodoo doll.

I would like to say that I don't really agree with any of the methods mentioned I said before I prefer to not sink to that level....however, when wounded, thinking of creative ways of revenge is one way to bring a bit of levity to the situation!

And the reason for this post....very simple...this post from Scorpy...the complete opposite of revenge....the ultimate in love....

But, boys, one last thing.....remember....'Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned'....!


Blogger Mia said...

I've never felt the need for revenge, maybe because I have the need to be still thought well of by those I have cared about. I've never been able to just wash away my feelings of love so easily. But also because even when someone has walked away from me I still have always wished him well, but thats me - I'm just 'too nice' I guess!

12:01 am  
Anonymous Ivor said...

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