Saturday, February 11, 2006

They spell differently in Thailand...

Found this cracker via Friskodude...

A BRITISH couple ended up in a prison camp after a travel agent sent them to TEL AVIV instead of TENERIFE.


Diane said: “It sounds daft but I’d never seen Tel Aviv spelt before. I thought it was what people in Thailand called Tenerife.”

Full story from The Sun


Anonymous Nude King said...

"Honey," said Diane to her husband, "Thailand must be a big-ass country. The flight's taking so bloody long!"


10:27 am  
Blogger Mia said...

More money than sense!

12:09 pm  
Blogger Wan Ker-Sin said...

Tel Aviv is not a popular destination. And I doubt a flight originating from Thailand would fly non-stop to Tel Aviv.

There must be a stopover, transit, change of flights, etc. Probably in a third country.

The news article doesn't mention this fact (or lack thereof). But someone should check it out.

If indeed they changed flights in a third country, then Mia above summarizes eloquently - "More money than sense!"

I have yet to travel by a domestic airline that requires you to change flights in a different country.

An empty mind is a travel agent's workshop.


10:36 am  
Blogger Wan Ker-Sin said...

All right. El Al Israel airlines flies direct from Bangkok to Tel Aviv.

So the couple is spared of being extremely stupid.

But did they travel on El Al? That's another story.


11:23 am  
Blogger Madame Chiang said...

Not sure if they flew El-Al...but I know that if I were given an El-Al ticket, alarm bells would start to ring....they may be the safest airline (from a terrorism point of view) to fly....but you would know it would go via Israel....surely then any normal person would put the 'Tel Aviv' and 'Israel' together!

All in all as a friend of mine so nicely said..."Must make you proud to be British!"

Actually it reminds me of another story whereby a couple showed up at the White Swan Hotel in Guangzhou saying they had a reservation and bearing all the documentary proof...unfortunately the White Swan was fully booked...and their reservation was for some hotel in Scotland!

1:25 pm  
Anonymous Nude King said...

Madame Chiang, you have a point. Tel Aviv plus El-Al or Israel certainly adds up to something every literate adult would start wondering about.

In any case, the stupidity-index of this particular couple jumps alarmingly high...

A flight that takes as long as the one they took from Manchester to Bangkok.

A foreign airline/carrier that supposedly acts like a domestic carrier and transports them between two cities in the same country.

Upon arrival in Tel Aviv, they start wondering:

"Gee, the Thai people in this part of the country are fair-skinned. And they speak in a different accent. And honey, look at those signs! Do they remind you of Hebrew or what?"

But I think the best photograph would be one of their puzzled faces when the immigration officer asked them for their passports.

"Honey, do they stamp our passports even if we travel in different cities of the same country? Is this something related to post 9/11 or what?"

And after all of the above, the final proof that the couple is stupid (if you ever need one), is the fact that the idiots are smiling for the camera in that linked article.

"Look at us, people! We are stupid, but nonetheless; we are proud. What a great story for our grandchildren. Hehe."

I am extremely sad that the prison camp officers didn't lash their asses until they couldn't sit, sleep, walk, or stand. What a pity! Like they say, idiots galore.


2:49 pm  

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