Sunday, February 05, 2006

Something I never thought I would see...

After a few years of watching American and Israeli flags being burnt just across the road from my office in Jordan...this picture is quite is possibly one of the last flags you would ever have expected to see being burnt in the Arab world.

from the BBC

Also from the BBC - the Jordanian editors that published the cartoons have been arrested,

Mr Momani's arrest came earlier on Saturday, a day after Jordanian King Abdullah condemned the cartoons as an unnecessary abuse of freedom of speech. Mr Momani's paper, Shihan, had printed three of the cartoons, alongside an editorial questioning whether the angry reaction to them in the Muslim world was justified.

"Muslims of the world be reasonable," wrote Mr Momani.

In Amman after Friday prayers (the typical time for a demonstration), Jordanians walked through the streets in protest

I am waiting to hear what Prince Hassan has to say...this gentleman is always full of words of wisdom and moderation and is one of the wisest (and most entertaining) people I have ever had the pleasure of talking with..and attempting to put make up on (but that's another story!). HRH is also a moderator for the World Conference of Religions for Peace. His thoughts on this will no doubt be provocative but at the same time understanding to both sides of the arguement...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As an American of Danish/Norweigian descent, I'm curious, and thought perhaps you could answer this question given your time spent in Jordan. Where in the hell does one buy Danish flags to burn in Amman on short notice? If I wanted to burn a Yemeni flag tomorrow, I seriously doubt I could find one in San Francisco, much less dozens of them. Is it possible that these protests are not spontaneous?

Love your writing.

Fred Jacobsen
San Francisco

4:49 am  
Blogger Madame Chiang said...

It might explain why it has taken a few days for the riots/demonstrations to start - because they were waiting for delivery of their Danish flags...

Seriously...the 'organised' part of demonstrations in any part of the world (writing from Manila where it seem they have it down to a fine art) is always something to be considered. After watching the demonstrations in Beirut last night my first thought was 'any excuse'....

One has to remember that Arabs are very emotional people and as such, when riled become very volatile and can be easily led....

Unfortunately unless you are 'on the ground' so to speak it is almost impossible to tell the level of 'organisation' behind any demonstration.

5:11 pm  

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